Adult-acquired flatfoot or collapsed arch occurs since the big tendon on the inside with the ankle – the actual posterior tibial tendon – gets stretched out as well as no longer props up foot?s arch. Inside many cases, the issue worsens as well as and also the tendon thickens, turning out to be painful, specifically in your course of activities. Flatfoot as well as collapsed arch can be called posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. This issue is different when compared with having flat feet since birth (known as congenital flatfoot), although sometimes these patients develop similar signs along with require similar treatments.

Adult Acquired Flat Feet


Overuse with the posterior tibial tendon is actually frequently the trigger of PTTD. Throughout fact, the signs along with symptoms usually occur after actions which involve the particular tendon, for example running, walking, hiking, or perhaps climbing stairs.


Most men and also women notice mild to be able to intense pain within their feet. Under outlines several signs as well as symptoms of AAFD. trouble strolling or perhaps standing for just with regards to any duration. Pain along with swelling around the inside with the ankle. Bump around the bottom with the foot. Ulcer or even wound developing on the outer areas of foot.


It is actually associated with great significance for you to possess a complete evaluation, by means of a foot as well as ankle specialist with expertise throughout addressing complex flatfoot deformities. Absolutely No a pair of flat feet are alike; therefore, “Universal” treatment method plans do not necessarily exist for your Adult Flatfoot. It is essential for you to use a custom remedy strategy which is tailored for you to your specific foot. Which begins by simply first understanding every 1 of the intricacies of one’s foot, through an extensive evaluation. X-rays of the foot along with ankle tend to be standard, and MRI might end up being accustomed to much better assess the high quality of the PT Tendon.

Non surgical Treatment

The following is truly a introduction to conservative treatments for acquired flatfoot. Stage 1, NSAIDs and short-leg strolling cast as well as walker boot regarding 6-8 weeks; full-length semirigid custom molded orthosis, physical therapy. Stage 2, UCBL orthosis or brief articulated ankle orthosis. Stage 3, Molded AFO, double-upright brace, or patellar tendon-bearing brace. Stage 4, Molded AFO, double-upright brace, or perhaps patellar tendon-bearing brace.

Adult Acquired Flat Feet

Surgical Treatment

Flatfoot reconstruction (osteotomy). This is usually suggested pertaining to versatile flatfoot condition. Flatfoot reconstruction involves reducing and also shifting the heel bone right into a a lot more neutral position, transferring the tendon utilized to flex your lesser toes (all however the big toe) to become able to strengthen the actual posterior tibial tendon, and lengthening your calf muscle. Fusion (also referred to as triple arthrodesis). Fusion involves fusing, or even generating stiff, 3 joints within the back with the foot the actual subtalar, talonavicular, along with calcaneocuboid joints, to realign the particular foot as well as give it an even more all-natural shape. Pins or perhaps screws hold the region set up until it heals. Fusion is frequently suggested for a rigid flatfoot deformity as well as proof of arthritis. both of those surgeries could provide outstanding pain relief as well as correction.